The Swing Door – a new generation of insect protection doors
The newly developed insect protection swing doors are particularly well suited for frequently used doorways that need to be opened from both directions, both at home or in the office. The objective of the development work was to provide easy and uncomplicated use. The magnets integrated into the door profile ensure that the door closes independently, quickly and, most importantly, quietly. The automatic “return swing” action means that the door does not need to be closed by hand. A surrounding brush seal provides the perfect protection which cannot be penetrated by insects. The range of mounting frame models, and a shallow installation depth of only 13mm, which is primarily due to the new grip frame, means that our swing doors can be mounted on all commonly used existing door models. For easy cleaning, as well as during the winter months, it is possible to simply remove and remount the swing doors as required, because the closing mechanism is not fixed to the hinges. The swing door can, however, be used throughout the year, as all the aluminium parts and the fittings are powder coated and therefore resistant to UV light and the elements. Maintenance of the fittings is not necessary. The swing doors can, of course, be colour-coordinated to fit in with your existing scheme. Depending on the area of application, we also offer special netting and meshing, such as aluminium, stainless steel, pollen protection and pet screen (specially adapted for pets) netting as alternatives to the standard products.